About Us

About US - OneHugeStep

We are a team of shoemakers who still make shoes with a great sense of craftsmanship. We believe that the most beautiful shoes in this world start with the finest raw materials & thoughtful designs. We have a passion for quality & comfort, and breathe this into every pair of shoes that we make, thus ensuring our shoes speak louder than words.

With our direct-to-consumer model, we are giving you the highest value for your money as you purchase directly from our factory completely eliminating any middlemen, passing on the cost-savings to consumers, and eventually helping craftsmen get better wages. Our aim is to build a brand with people and prices we could relate to; a brand that is accessible to most of us. We began in 2013 & till date keep hearing one constant feedback from our customers - your shoes are well-made and well-priced!

We take pride in prioritizing quality over quantity. We don’t mass produce shoes. As soon as you place an order, our team creates your shoes from scratch. We are open to some level of customization like a different leather, color, sole or fitting! And at the end of the process, you’ll be holding a 'factory fresh' pair of shoes as unique and fabulous as you! Small production footprint and yet big results!

We invest on customers and would like them to be our brand ambassadors. We understand that positive word of mouth can work wonders in our favour!

Shoes are manufactured under the expert supervision of highly skilled, technically strong, focused, quality and time conscious, friendly team. We supply shoes to a few private labels/boutiques across the world with both just-in-time & thin inventory arrangements.

With OneHugeStep, you buy the first pair of shoes believing what you buy, and subsequent pairs of shoes knowing what you buy.

For any business proposals, please feel free to write to us at email