About Us

 We started in 2013. Purely Online, Direct to Consumer, Direct Manufacturing, Made-to-Order are our key objectives.

We have handcrafted about 100,000 pairs in the last 10 years. This has taught us how to work with the noble material called leather and also revealed an ugly truth about the near broken retail system.

Retailers price shoes at 8 to 10 times the manufacturing cost. Retailers are aware that a significant percentage of their shoes stocked would not sell. Therefore what actually sells needs to commercially support their entire operation. This system not only affects the prices you pay as an end customer, but also the manufacturers and the planet. There's a lot of unsold inventory going to the dumpyards, plus the quest for high profit margins comes at the expense of workers' dignity and safety. This makes no sense.

We created an innovative solution to tackle the problem. One that would benefit the brand, the artisans, the planet, and you. We wanted to offer high quality, practice responsible manufacturing and go to market at unrivaled prices, The solution was rather simple: manage all aspects of production instead of sourcing from third parties, craft shoes to order instead of maintaining inventory, and sell exclusively online instead of giving to retailers. We manage all aspects of production from design to quality assurance.

Our philosophy in a nutshell below
Build to Last
Well made products last for years not seasons. Our shoes get even better over time and can be repaired/resoled when needed. You’ll save money and reduce waste.

Customer Satisfaction
You receive great value for money and peace of mind knowing that your products were handcrafted with lots of passion, great attention to quality and finer details.

Wide Variety of Options
Without the risk of having unsold inventory at our end, we focus on offering you more timeless designs, color options and half sizes. With us, you’ll always find the right pair of shoes that you were looking for.

Lean Production
Our supply is perfectly aligned to customers' demand. There is never an issue of unsold inventory and resources are used only as they are needed.

Smart Consumption
A made-to-order system minimizes impulse buying. It encourages thoughtful consumption and helps create fewer but finer products

Real Costomers
Every product we put out into the world has an owner already. Each product we craft is the fulfillment of an actual order..

Standard Width
All of our shoes are made in the standard width -- US D width or UK F. After thorough research and much consideration, we came to a conclusion that this was the ideal width to serve a vast majority of customers.

True to Size
We have developed our own lasts (foot-shaped molds) and have refined them over years based on real customer feedback. If you have dress shoes from other renowned brands, use that size to order.